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Intent Mx Marketing Schemes & Associated Content Disclaimer Conditions.


If we are associated with your work & you wish to send us either arranged work, or content you would like us to have & use on our marketing platforms; Please send Images & Video edits to  

If you’re the photographer responsible & find an issue with any photos & videos used on our Instagram, Facebook, Website & any other digital marketing schemes please let us know. Let us know whether you would like us to remove the images or videos claimed to be yours or if there is an alternative solution to amend our usage of your content. Such as tagging you in the images shared in our stories or posts on our social media platforms as well as mentions in the bio of descriptive images on our website. Website mentions could include a brief display of your business name or a brief overview with a link to your profile & website depending on the quantity of images or videos used as well as the currently established business relationship. For more information email

Any publicised marketing content or material in the form of images, videos, edits & any associated illustrations, Emails, social media content or anything in relative association between one parties work, our riders, all products in image & our marketing platforms will be used irrespective of the original creators verification unless otherwise advised by the original creator to us. & we have directly come to a formal disagreement, conclusion of objection to our use of your work & a direct message of intent to disuse, delete, erase & lformally state you no longer allow or object to us of Intent Mx to publicise or republish your original work.  At this point, any content, images, videos, comments on any one of our multiple forms of publicised marketing will be deleted from our database, website & social media platforms. For further information please email;