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| Renewable Plastics & Our Approach |

A Personal Note: 

Leading into the year 2021; I’m sure most of you are aware of the plastic crisis in relation to the abundance of plastic wastage spreading around the planet & into the oceans. In affect; Killing off natural wild life & destroying millions of biological eco systems. Some of you may, or may not be aware. And some of you may, or may not care; But I do. This particular issue was a major contributing factor in whether to proceed with this company or not. Because as you’d expect, or assume – Producing Motocross Gear, Casual Clothing & other Products as well as packaging these products is very plastic intensive. – Please Reuse or Recycle the ziplock packaging bag.

The Infinite Pant is composed of fabrics created utilising plastic pellets. As these plastic pellets are a morally purpose purchased bi product of recycled plastic bottles in order to create new products. The pellets are melted down & Remade into a range of polyester based fabrics such as a percentage of the polyester blend in the infinite stretch pant main body fabric.